"Effective May 1, 2015, the owners of CAaNES, LLC established RiskSense, Inc. CAaNES, LLC was merged, in its entirety, into RiskSense, Inc. RiskSense continues to be a leader in Threat and Vulnerability Management."

CAaNES takes a scalable iterative – feedback learning and contextual intelligence approaches to gain information superiority and outmaneuver the adversaries using patented computation intelligent techniques rather than focusing on singular events: vulnerability or misconfiguration or missing patch.

CAaNES allows you to see patterns, lateral attack paths, and infiltration vectors that most conventional security tools cannot spot nor detect.

  • Vulnerabilities are presented with context and mapped to Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) commonly used by most advanced adversaries.
  • Rather than just focusing on outward aka external our assessments target100% coverage; covering all the endpoints traditional and non-traditional yet critical computing devices during assessments.
  • Assessments provide insights and context into ease of attackers ability to access or damage sensitive data linearly and laterally on the network and Web applications.

RiskSense enables to share internal and external security intelligence and create "domains of knowledge" in a secure central, searchable, and collaborative environment within which security teams can quickly share findings and engage with peers to defend against attacks more effectively.

Furthermore, RiskSense prioritizes vulnerabilities and capability gaps, and serves as a framework to measure the effectiveness of the security posture.

Analytics is the key to frequent examination, prioritization, and remediation of vulnerabilities in the entire cyber infrastructure (internal and external) to reduce risks and outmaneuver adversaries before there is opportunity for exploitation. Our approach:

  • Years of research in cyber security and mission assurance that is sharpened by assisting several commercial, federal, state, and local government entities determine how to penetrate critical systems in order to plan defenses in response to advanced attacks.
  • Our analytics engine within RiskSense utilizes computational intelligence to uncover patterns, provide data-driven and evidence-based insights to detect and remediate vulnerabilities in just hours not days or months.
  • RiskSense presents complex analytics and hidden patterns through visual presentations. Data driven visualizations present the results in an easy to interpret interactive visual format.

CAaNES team engages with client’s security and operational staff to help identify technical and capability gaps and provide recommendations to build resilient security posture and comply with regulatory authorities.

Rather than just focusing on the outward and perimeter security we perform 100% coverage on the internal network and use the data to identify insider threat, lateral attack movement, persistence, and exfiltration paths. RiskSense allows us to bring the process of detection to remediation vulnerabilities down from weeks to hours and minutes.

  • We perform a 100% coverage targeting all traditional and non-traditional (printers, HVACs, RFID, embedded systems) yet critical computing devices during our assessments in a fraction of the time our competitors could complete a sampled assessment or assessment limited to key assets.
  • Our analytical skills, automated in RiskSense, provide our clients a platform to ingest massive amounts of vulnerability data and scale to thousands of machines in order to gain meaningful insights to reduce threats to critical business systems.
  • Our penetration testing mimics attackers that use sophisticated malicious code. This is more than patch verification and using known exploits.
  • We use semantics and context based crawling during our Web Application Security Assessments. Our proprietary crawler parses HTML, Java scripts, and hidden objects to extract links to gain maximum coverage.
  • We develop custom web attack scripts through intelligence gathering and crowd sourcing from black hat communities and real time honeypots.
  • Discover vulnerabilities and present attackable subset of code with veracity to quickly understand the code of concern and its relationships with other modules.

During assessments we are able to detect vulnerabilities and provide fixes within minutes. Our reports provide prioritized view of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, solutions to mitigate known risks, and indicators of un-known risks when they arise.

  • PCI Security Standards Council Qualified Security Assessor
    CAaNES, LLC is certified as a PCI Security Standards Council Qualified Security Assessor

  • Patent Assigned
    ​New Mexico Tech. Research Foundation has been assigned a patent (7,941,855) for "computationally intelligent agents for distributed intrusion detection system and method of practicing same."

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  • HIPAA Compliance Officer Conference 2014
    A gathering of HIPAA Security Officers in Albuquerque where the latest advancments in HIPAA compliance.

  • Industry Council Meeting 2014
    A meeting of the US InfoSec Council in New York where all group member weill gather to discuss issue confronting the industry.

  • NDSS Symposium 2014
    Network and Distributed System Security (NDSS) Symposium. A 4 day event attended annually by researchers and practitioners from industry, academia, and government.

  • Cyber Intelligence Asia 2014
    With many governments in Asia looking to share knowledge and gain a better understanding of how to combat cyber attacks in the region, this is the must attend event in Asia to gain the knowledge and meet with the key policy and strategy makers in the regi

CAaNES core lies on a scalable iterative – feedback learning and contextual intelligence approach using patented computational intelligent techniques rather than signature based or rule based systems.
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